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We strive to answer all questions as quickly as they arise, however we run a small operation and cannot guarantee an immediate response.


Before getting in touch, it might be easier to scan this area for the information you are looking for. Alternatively, use the contact form, chat box (bottom right) or get in touch via our Facebook page using the link at the top of this page. 

What time are you operating today?

We are beholden to the tides of our beautiful region and therefore cannot keep to a routine schedule. We do keep our timetable up to date which you can find here, or via the 'events' section on our Facebook page.

How do I book tickets in advance?

We operate a first-come-first-serve basis. This is the only way we can avoid a complex system that would more than likely cripple our small operation. Fortunately, we very rarely turn any customers away, so there is a good chance you won't be disappointed on the day.

Do you accept card or contactless payments?

We accept cash and card payments onboard.

What if I miss the last ferry crossing of the day?

There are various ways to reach either Kingsbridge or Salcombe should you not be able to make the last ferry. TallyHo! operate a regular bus service ( ) or taxis are available throughout the day & night should you get stuck. 

Are dogs allowed on the ferry?

Yes! We welcome well behaved dogs who must be kept on the lead. Clearly we reserve the right to refuse any animal (or owner)  

Can I take my bicycle on the ferry?

Yes! Bicycles can be brought onboard and we are very accommodating for their cyclists too!

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