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We operate a unique ferry service that connects the scenic towns of Salcombe and Kingsbridge. Our vessel ‘The Lady Mary’ is a Maritime & Coatguard Agency certified 50 seat passenger ferry, perfectly suited to the tranquil beauty of the harbour and surrounding area.


Join us for a leisurely trip between the towns or look out for one our extended harbour & creeks cruises, which provide an even greater experience of the local scenery and wildlife.



Before you travel to catch a ferry or a cruise, we do recommend checking our website noticeboard or Facebook page for service updates.



We are more than just a ferry service. We provide an authentic and unforgettable experience for anyone visiting South Devon; capturing the essence of the Kingsbridge Estuary and Salcombe Harbour from the safety and comfort of a Maritime & Coastguard Agency approved vessel.


Our ferry service between Kingsbridge and Salcombe operates around the coming and going of the tides, so we advise you to check our timetable in advance. If you miss the last ferry back to your departure point of Salcombe or Kingsbridge don't worry, you should still be able to catch a bus for your return journey.

When the tide does work in our favour, we also offer extended Harbour Cruises, Creeks Cruises and various Special Events. When the tide is out at Kingsbridge then we occasionally run a shorter one hour harbour cruise departing from and returning to Salcombe only.

We also to offer occasional coast cruises with sailing times posted on the timetable.


Our normal season is April to October.



Kingsbridge Quay

Kingsbridge - Salcombe Ferry

Departing from the head of Kingsbridge creek OR The Crabshell Inn Quay

Kingsbridge Estuary

Salcombe - Kingsbridge Ferry

Departing from Ferry Inn steps - Jubilee Pier

A scenic 35 minute trip each way follows a the main waterways and channels between Kingsbridge and Salcombe. Historic lime kilns, Saltstone Island, a wide variety of bird life, hundreds of yachts and boats and panoramic vistas of Salcombe. ​​The perfect peaceful way to travel between Kingsbridge and Salcombe.

Salcombe Harbour

Harbour Cruises

A relaxing way to tour Salcombe Harbour

Cruising the length of the harbour passing the waterfront homes of Salcombe, the sandy beaches opposite, the remnants of Fort Charles Castle, North and South Sands and extensive views out to sea as the vessel turns near the harbour entrance.

Cruise duration one and a half hours. You can join the cruise at Kingsbridge or Salcombe.

Cruise duration one hour. This cruise does not go to Kingsbridge. It departs from Salcombe and returns 

to Salcombe only.

Kingsbridge Estuary Creeks

Creeks Cruises

A great way to discover some hidden gems within the estuary

Excursions venture up towards the upper reaches of some of Salcombe harbour's tranquil waterways which may include Frogmore, South Pool, Waterhead, Blanksmill and Collapit Creeks.  Cruise duration approx two to two and a quarter hours and departs from Kingsbridge only.

To join the creek cruise from Salcombe simply catch the ferry to Kingsbridge and stay aboard for the creeks cruise.




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We are passionate about running an exceptional service in our beautiful corner of the world.

Please let us know of your experiences and stories aboard the Lady Mary!

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